108 Shiva Temple

108 Shiva Temple



Bardhaman 108 Shiva Temple, 235 years old heritage temple established by rajas of Bardhaman, namely Rani Vishna Kumari. In 1974, the then Maharaja of Bardhaman, Uday Chand Mahatab formed a trusty board and handed over the temple to the trust board. Before that from 1964 to 1974 Birla Janakalayan Trust renovated the mandir thoroughly by spending Rs. 1 lakh 10 thausand at that time.

From there after, the mandir trust added many buildings outside the mandir and back side of the mandir has been provided with a boundary wall. Each and every day mandir opens from 7 am to 7 pm. The priest attending the devotees at the first temple and devotees may perform their own pujas at remaining 107 mandir.

Mainly mandir celebrate four occasions with special Rudra Yegna at the permanent mandap. At Shiva Ratri, at Guru Purnima, and on Rash Purnima. For Shiva Ratri a mala, which is very old and famous, is organized at the back side of the temple. The month of Sravan is celebrated throughout the month and devotees visited the mandir during the same month. Rash Purnima is the foundation day of the mandir and at that time a 7 days Krittan festival is organized at the mandir.

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